Swoop, (formerly Beam Internet), is building new, open-access telecommunications towers across Kangaroo Island. This crucial infrastructure will help people stay connected with family and essential services during emergency events.


The need

The devastating 2019-20 summer bushfires were the largest in the island’s recorded history. An inter-government review found that the lack of resilient critical infrastructure and technology hampered response efforts. The new open-access network will significantly improve Kangaroo Island emergency communications infrastructure and capability.


The build

Building has begun on four advanced Fixed Wireless towers across Kangaroo Island. We’ve identified seven more sites that will maximise coverage and ensure island residents and businesses have access to reliable and resilient communication networks.

The open-access network:

  • gives island residents and businesses a Fixed Wireless fail-safe alternative in natural disasters or when other technologies, such as fibre & cable, have outages
  • diversifies infrastructure use beyond traditional internet and telephone services, to included 2-way radio equipment, fire detection and other emergency communications equipment or community radio stations
  • allows multiple providers to sell services over the network – increasing your future choice and competitively priced options.

We aim to complete all new purpose-built towers by mid 2022.


About Swoop

Swoop is a 100% Australian owned and operated internet provider. For over 25 years we’ve built, delivered & maintained fast, reliable internet in rural and regional areas. We have a long-held local presence in South Australia, staffed by locals, supporting locals. Swoop’s exclusive Fixed Wireless network is made up of 490+ towers. Our multi-award-winning team cares about the needs of country Australia, because that’s where we live too.


We need your support

We’ve identified preferred tower locations that will give locals and visitors the most reliable coverage and safeguard for your future connectivity – however, we need the support of Kangaroo Island landowners.

If your property includes a potential site to establish a new tower, we’d love you to SERIOUSLY consider the opportunity to host critical communications infrastructure.

A member from our team be in touch to explain the build and maintenance process, as well as any site-specific requirements. We’ll also have someone on hand to answer all your questions and concerns.


More information

Swoop is committed to a transparent and open approach to building the network.

If you want to know more about the build, the network or technical aspects, please contact us at communityinfo@swoop.com.au. A member of our team will be in touch to answer all your questions.

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